The 5th IIEEJ International Workshop on Image Electronics and Visual Computing
                FPT Complex / FPT City Da Nang ,   Da Nang, Vietnam  /  Feb.28-Mar.3, 2017
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Presentation instructions
We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the workshop office (

  1. Oral Presentations
    Please note the following instruction for the preparation of your presentations:
    • You will have 15 minutes to present your paper and 5 minutes for questions and comments.
    • It is absolutely essential that speakers keep on time to allow attendees to move among the concurrent sessions.
    • The session room will be equipped with a computer projection system and a laser pointer.
    • All oral presenters will be expected to make electronic presentations.
    • It is recommended for presenters to use their laptop (notebook) computers.
    • Please make sure to bring a back-up copy of your presentation material on a separate storage system (CD-ROM or USB).
    • Please note that Over-Head Projectors are not available.
    • If you have some difficulties to meet these conditions above, please contact the workshop office.

  2. Poster Sessions / LBP Special Poster Session / Art&Demo Special Poster Session
    Short presentation:
    • The poster session period lasts 110 minutes . The beginning 30 minutes is assigned for short presentations. The author of each paper should give a two-minute short presentation of the paper in turn.
    • The short presentation material (a PDF or a MS-power point file) should be provided to the local workshop office well before the session, using a USB stick.

    Please note the following instruction for the preparation of your poster:
    • Please prepare a poster of A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) in portrait orientation. It is recommended that the poster should be printed on one whole sheet.
    • Tacks will be provided for hanging your poster at the local workshop office.
    • The language of the poster should be in English.
    • The title, authors' name, affiliation and contact information must be appeared on the poster.
    • The poster should be easily readable at a distance of 2 meters.
    • Power sources are prepared for Art and Demo Session.


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