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Introduction of the IIEEJ

Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan

The Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan deals with the technologies relating the whole aspects for natural and generated images such as input / archive / processing / coding / transmission / storage / output / system/ implementation, as its name expresses.

"Image" is one of the most basic and effective communication means for information exchange between human beings, and continuous development is expected in both of the fields of academic and practical study.

The Institute was founded on 1972, and has been contributing to the support of technical break-through in the related area, the standardizing of image technologies, and the information exchange among the image electronics engineers. The Institute is delivering various test charts including facsimile test documents, digital camera test images and high-resolution digital image data. The recent digital data, named SCID and SHIPP, were standardized in ISO with the contribution of the Institute.

When the Institute was established, its major concern was a facsimile application. Since then, its main topics have been changing time by time and currently they can be summarized as Visual Computing, Devices & Communications.


The Institute is mainly working on publishing journals (six times a year), holding annual conference, periodical technical conferences (around ten times a year), seminars (four times a year) and publishing books based on the technical survey and lecture articles carried in the journal. The Institute has published various books, has held special conferences in commemorating its anniversaries in the past.


The Institute has following Working Committees;

The Institute has also following Technology-oriented Committees;